How to make an affordable website design for a small business in Auckland

On Thursday 15th October 2020

Whether you are looking to have the most beautiful, elaborate website design of anyone in your industry or you just want your small business website stand out among others in Auckland – there is a level of quality that we will never compromise on at custom websites.


All our websites are unique and genuinely represent our clients’ businesses.


How is it possible to create a modern, professional website design at an affordable price for a small business in Auckland?


One word: efficiency – at every stage of the process.


We never compromise on quality and we work extremely efficiently – that is how we deliver the value and high-quality designs at such a reasonable, affordable price for small businesses in Auckland.


To break it down a little further – here a brief overview of the website creation process:



Working around our customers’ schedule, we spend a lot of time on the phone asking the vital questions to understand the years of experience that have gone into forming your business into the position it is in today. We evaluate that position from the point of view of your staff, your customers, you and your competitors. We find it really interesting to analyse your business from an economic and marketing point of view and we use all of this information to help guide you’re the initial website designs that we present to you.


A stitch in time saves nine – we spend a lot of time up-front to get a genuine understand of what you do – because it saves a lot of time and discussion on website revisions down the track.


On-site Photography

Despite not being professional photographers, we are well equipped to take care of all your website photography needs. We use our best judgement to determine whether we should take the photos (at a lower cost and greater efficiency) (~90% of the time), or whether you need to call in a professional (10% of the time, or only for a subset of the total photos) – when you need a professional – we have several we regularly work with and can trust.


We are particularly experienced in taking photos of homes, construction sites, project establishing shots and office photography. Additionally we have taken photos and videos of machines, manufacturing facilities, robots and a bunch other interesting things you find in the facilities and operations of Auckland businesses.


No matter what your website photography needs – we have the equipment and the reliable staff to get the job done.

Image and Video Editing (photos)

We have subscriptions for all the major design software needed to crop, edit and refreshen your images before they go online. We use most of the major video editing tools so we can clip your phone video to become a beautiful corporate video background where required. Whether we are cutting the background out of a staff photo on your website About Us page design or whether you need to remove something unexpected from the background of a photo, we have the tools for the job.


Once again, we’re not professional graphics designers (despite being professional web designers) but our customers are very happy with the results we deliver as well as the efficiency and reliability of not having to go through a third-party.


Website Design

Over the course of 7 years we have made many websites for Auckland businesses – big and small. We are efficient in our consultations and work around your office schedule to ensure minimum disruptions, hassle and fuss when creating your website.

Website Development

Using the latest generation of website development languages and tools (such as those which Google contributes funding towards) we develop small business websites at lightning speed from our Auckland office. Being located centrally we can visit your office anywhere in Auckland (or at a local café) or building site – to review your web design and development and get your input at any stage of the process. We listen and deliver. That is why we’re continually being asked to make additional websites for our existing customers as their businesses develop.


When you have been through the website development process with enchant you know how we can produce an excellent website design but also you acquire the understanding of what can be achieved with a website, IT knowledge and some marketing know-how – so they continue to incorporate this into their business and marketing plans – hence we get called back to assist – which we’re so happy to do.

Website Hosting

Depending on your website providers’ (or their third-party host) website server setup you may experience a significant wait before you website even comes online. I have spoken with many Auckland business owners whos website was completed months ago and just don’t know what is happening now. With custom websites you have no such worries as we control every part of the process – from the design and development through to the final website hosting, maintenance, upgrades and more – from one professional, single point-of-contact.


All of the communications are between us and you. Although sometimes we may involve third-parties to provide auxiliary services, they are trusted partners that we have used on numerous occasions, or that we already have a relationship with through our agency suppliers. Because of this, we provide efficient quotes to take care of the non-primary aspects of the website development process – we keep it all in-house and the communications verbose but sharp and efficient – reducing time and therefore the cost to you.

Maintenance & Monitoring

We work on-call to help ensure that any issues are resolved in a timely manner, this includes establishing monitoring and other software related automation which can alert and inform our web engineers of any issues with our servers before it affect our customers’ websites.


We also employ several technologies that help mitigate the impact of any issues by providing our clients’ customers a mirrored image of their website which means if anything goes wrong in the background that we have an ample window available to repair the issue before it even has any impact on an end-customers’ experience.


Why? Because our clients’ customers deserve the best. Not just what you can see, but quality in what you can’t see too.


Other Considerations


We also use many other software automation to assist with every aspect of the above. The result is a high-end, custom website design that is delivered at a price that provides so much immediate value to our customers. We genuinely feel we have the best website offering in New Zealand and we look forward to proving it when you create your next website with us.


No matter whether you are a big or small business in Auckland, or anywhere in New Zealand, we provide you access to a high-quality, professional website design for an affordable price. Want to find out how much it might cost? The truth is that we will meet your budget with the best level of quality we can provide. How much quality?


So what can you get for your budget? Give Lewis a call right now on 0800 112 942 or 022 077 9829 and arrange a time to speak in-person so we can learn your website needs and give you a clear expectation of what we can deliver.