Some great days in Whangarei with the custom websites team

Apr 2, 2019

In the beginning of April we had the pleasure of spending time in Whangarei to see some of our regular customers. We are actively looking to take on more client’s for websites in Whangarei and would appreciate the opportunity to visit you in your business and understand your needs.

As the business owner we will take the time out and make the trip up to you – at a time of day that suits you – to learn as much about yourself and your business as we can.

We work with electricians, plumbers, builders and other professionals that operate in the Whangarei area and would like to add you to the list.

We will help you with photos, website text, and having a friendly face (that talks in your terms) to help you through the process.

It is such a pleasure to visit Whangarei when we catch up with our customers and provide in-person face-to-face discussions about your website performance – we don’t just send a report and walk away – we will visit you and talk you through the report to ensure you understand how visitors are using your website – even if it is only once a twice a year – we always like to meet you face to face.

Please give us a call right now to request a consultation at your business – we will schedule a time and follow-up with you to confirm – we look forward to making the trip up!