How many ways can website designs represent Auckland businesses?

On Thursday 15th October 2020

The theoretical answer sounds complex but is in-fact straight-forward. The answer is that there are an infinite number of website designs that a sufficiently creative, well-fed team of web developers can create.


But how is it feasible that you can continually make new, custom website designs for Auckland businesses when there are so many businesses with the same skills, tools and services competing within Auckland?


It is understandable why someone would ask this question. The question itself implies that there is an abundance of businesses, within a small city (relative to the rest of the world), with all the same talents, equipment and service – a proposition which is simply not true. The answer to this question is that while there are a large number of businesses in Auckland within every industry, each business is unique and contains many individuals with different talents who bring different talents to the table. Often their equipment differs, whether it is a particularly desirable function of a hydraulic drill or a commercial photocopier – the equipment is used to carry out the work and deliver the goods and services to the customer. This is done in a tailored way to align with that businesses ethical and commercial values as well as with a particular amount of additional care taken to the points of value they know their customers appreciate.


In short – all businesses in Auckland are unique – not the same – and having a unique website design represents that difference. At custom websites we take the time to listen to you and ask questions from an outsiders perspective. We do our best to put ourselves in your shoes, and your customers, to gain an insight into the economic mechanics of your business, as well as the things your customers value about what you do. Only from taking this extra time, effort and genuine care can we communicate all the unique strengths of your brand and value proposition to our our web designers and web developers who can create your unique business website. Hence, the answer is that there are an infinite amount of ways to represent an Auckland business with a web design.


But how does that help me as a small business? I need my small business website now, and I can’t afford to make it custom – you may ask. Or alternatively, you might say that getting a unique, custom made website design is going to take longer and cost more, it must do, compared to whipping up an off-the-shelf template website?


Many small business owners have the perception that they cannot afford to invest in a high-quality web design or mobile website. This is understandable. It is natural that many Auckland businesses don’t make marketing decisions part of their regular meetings – historically they have likely acquired the majority of their new customers as a result of their reputation, past work, and business relationships. So it is reasonable to say that they wouldn’t have had the time to undertake a reasonable effort to survey the Auckland website market (let alone New Zealand) and therefore cannot be expected to know the average costs to build or upgrade websites in Auckland. Custom sounds expensive, and it can be, but for the vast majority of website requirements (for businesses of all sizes) it doesn’t have to be (and yes, you can still have the bells and whistles too).


A perception exists that small business web designs must be created from templates to be affordable. This is simply not true.


At custom websites we are able to develop custom-made website designs that genuinely represent your business in the same turn-around as template providers, and often at lower cost.


Yes, you heard me correctly – faster turn-around, lower cost, custom made designs for your business website.


We have so much experience working with Auckland businesses to create websites for all industries that we can provide an up-front, 100% free, no obligation consultation in your business to provide some sound advice to assist you in forming your website plan and making a decision on a provider (we’ll put you on the right track).


In addition, with well over 25 years programming experience, we are extremely efficient in making business websites that we can provide that high quality website design you desire faster than our competitors and at a lower cost.


Call now on 0800 112 942 or 022 077 9829 to speak directly with Lewis, the owner of custom websites, to answer any questions you may have or to arrange a 100% free no obligation website consultation in your business.