Why do I need a custom website design for my small business website?

On Thursday 15th October 2020

The reasons why you need a custom website design for your small business

The cost of the website

1.      Most important – it will cost less than you think

a.      More on this in the final point – we just wanted to point this out first

The website design

2.      Your website really needs to stand out and not just visually – but what does that really mean?

a.      Understand your business history (it may be short – but it is likely fundamental!)

i.     We will ask how many years you have been in business, why you started your business, why you have the particular responsibilities and day-to-day tasks that you have to try get a quick, in-depth understand of the nature of your business and industry.

b.      Understand your business values

i.     We will ask what qualities that you particularly value in the goods and/or services that you provide. Why you value them. What makes you different. Whether you have any stated values (on paper) or things that you already communicate as your points of value.

c.      Understand you and your staff

i.     We will ask questions about your company structure, your staff hierarchy (even if you’re a one-man or women band) and how this structure is best setup to service your customers. What unique skills and talents do your staff bring to the table? What are their backgrounds? How do they uniquely contribute to your everyday.

d.      Understand your product or service

i.     What is the product or purpose of the service? When it is required? When is it most needed? When is it used but not 100% necessary, or the not the only solution? What immediate tangible and intangible factors about your product or service may be usable for a marketing demonstration in your website design or sales presentation?

e.      Understand what your customers’ value

i.     Is it friendly service, speedy service or reliability? Quality of your carpets or the manner in which you do what you do? We need to hear the feedback from your staff (or yourself) – whoever is responsible for making the contracts get signed and the sales happen in your organization, besides the customer, they are the best people to comment on what the customers’ value.

f.       Understand your competition – or to get a grasp of what is out there

i.     We simply ask you to run off a list of names of your closest competitors so we can evaluate what ideas and values they are putting forward in their business websites and then do a comparative analysis with your offering. You might think all this marketing talk makes the service expensive – it doesn’t! We’ve done this many times and have efficient processes and technology to assist us to keep prices low for great, affordable small business websites.

With this we can create a unique web design that will actually reflect what you do and not just another template website design that will ensure you are hidden in the crowds.

Better Website Hosting

3.      Custom websites are often deployed on better hosting – and it matters.

a.      Better hosting => faster loading speed => page loading counts. No matter who you use for SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, no-one will argue that having a fast loading website is valued by Google. Your SEO expert can’t help you with this, but we can. As we have full control over our website designs and logical components, we also have full control over our servers and networks which means we can package and deliver your business website in the best format possible for Google to place your website on a firm foundation in respect of rank.

b.      You need to build your domain rank and history over time – better put on your best suit. Despite page speed being an important factor it is also vital to write articles with keywords over time on your website if you want to reach page 1 with in a competitive industry. Just like this article you are reading now. The trick is to make the article informative, interesting, and also to put those keywords within the article to ensure that your customers find you amongst competitors when they search on Google.

Once again - the a custom website is more affordable than you'd think

4.      Cost – it is less than you think

a.      We’re efficient at programming – we’ve been doing this for years – we type faster than anyone you have ever seen and we are just crazy about making high-quality mobile-ready website designs for small and all businesses. Faster typing = Less time = Lower cost.

b.      Our hosting is well managed even though it is bleeding edge, we balance the new with viability

i.     As software developers we have automations which help us manage our complex hosting infrastructure – everything is in-house and under our control so you can sleep at night while our technicians are on shifts ensuring everything is OK with your website.

c.      We’re great at getting to the core of your values above

i.     Just as we’re efficient at programming, we’re also efficient at asking the above questions (and more! – we can’t give away all our secrets) – which means we can deliver efficient consultations around your business schedule and be respectful for your time.

d.      We handle design, photography and writing creatively – and our customers’ love it

i.     As per the above, we respect your time and have expanded our service offering over the years to provide design, photography and copy writing services from one single, professional point of contact – and our customers’ love it!

e.      We manage the website projects efficiently – in-fact we’ve written software to help us do it.

i.     We use our technologies to the best of the abilities for your benefit, so we do it internally for ours as well. The result is efficiently made custom website designs for Auckland businesses.