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Website Design

There are two components to a website design. First is the graphical, visual look & feel of the website. Second is the experience and message that your website conveys

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Website Development

In addition to actually making the website represent your business – it lets us create the features and small touches that other website providers cannot.

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Website Hosting

At customwebsites all of our websites are hosted on our world-class Amazon Cloud Computing infrastructure – it is really fancy.

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Email Hosting

We can supply you with a cost effective business appropriate email accounts for all of your staff and will take the time to help you create a simple, professional email signature.

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Digital Marketing

When people use the term ‘digital marketing’ the typically mean placing advertisements or running campaigns on services such as Google Ads (also known as AdWords) or Facebook.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It typically refers to ensure various aspects of the website, infrastructure and ‘content’ are correctly configured or setup to perform favourably when people search things within a search engine (such as Google).

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Whether it is a custom shopping cart or inventory requirements – we have seen it all and can make an easy to use, intuitive, efficient system for your specific needs.

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Please email info@customwebsites.co.nz to request further information about our websites and services.