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What does SEO mean?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It typically refers to ensure various aspects of the website, infrastructure and ‘content’ are correctly configured or setup to perform favourably when people search things within a search engine (such as Google). This still may not mean a lot to you.

Simply put – there are things we can do within the website that will help your website appear more within search results. On the same token, there are things you can do, in your own time, at no cost, to also improve the prominence of your website in search results.

When you sit down with us we will provide a straight-forward explanation, examples and advice regarding what you need to know, and need to be concerned about with SEO.

As all of our websites are made with the latest technologies any website built through us has a strong foundation in respect of SEO which we can help you to build upon (more often than not at no cost).

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